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We are selling our four used (still all working great) HD 1080 Studio Cameras.  


This includes:


  • (4) Z-HD5000 Camera Bodies with CA-HF1000 Fiber Optic Cable Adapters (no lenses or power supplies)
  • (5) CU-HD 500 CCU's
  • (3) RU-1000 Camera Remote Controls (one of them has a loose Master Black knob)
  • (2) At-90 Viewfinder Adapters
  • (1) VF-PBM-207 Plura Viewfinder
  • (4) Autoscript Teleprompter Adapters (for rails)
  • (5) Autoscript TFT12HB Teleprompters


What is NOT included:  Power Supplies or cabling (for power) or camera lenses.  This is an excellent opportunity for an event space, church or TV studio looking for a nearly complete camera setup.  Don't miss this chance!

Set of FOUR! - Hitachi HD5000 Studio Cameras, includes extras

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