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Community Media Directory

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  • BCW - Blue Collar Wrestling

    BCW - Blue Collar Wrestling

    Blue Collar Wrestling promises to reignite the Pacific Northwest with the rich tradition of professional wrestling.

  • Beaverton City Library

    Beaverton City Library

    Watch storytimes, crafting, book talks, poetry drops, and more. Visit to get the latest on what is happening at Beaverton City Library.

  • Cannabis Common Sense

    Cannabis Common Sense

    The show that tells the truth about Marijuana and the politics behind its prohibition.

  • CoolCouve


    We look at issues of national import and examine local impact. What's happening, why does it matter to you and what can you do about it? Find out what's cool about the Couve. PS Don't call us Vantucky!

  • David Little Short Laughs

    David Little Short Laughs

    Stand up comedy, street comedy, and dance entertainment.

  • Don't Shoot Portland

    Don't Shoot Portland

    Don’t Shoot Portland is Black-led and community-driven. Founded in 2014 by Teressa Raiford, they are a direct community action plan that advocates for accountability to create social change.

  • Elijah Hasan

    Elijah Hasan

    Elijah Hasan is an award winning filmmaker, photographer, composer and writer. While primarily known for his films and still photography, he describes what he does
    more universally—as “making art.” His films often employ experimental techniques that work to blend complex concept with powerful, graceful storytelling.

  • Flossin Media

    Flossin Media

    Flossin Media TV covers inspirational, motivational and educational subject matters that impact or originate from within communities of color.

  • Flying Focus Video Bus

    Flying Focus Video Bus

    Video as a tool for social change, voicing the voiceless.

  • Ghetto Rise

    Ghetto Rise

    Self-Improvement-The Basis For The Development of Community

  • Independent Producers Organization

    Independent Producers Organization

    Interview program discussing local issues and overpopulation issues.

  • Joseph Hozan Ministries

    Joseph Hozan Ministries

    Religious Program in Romanian Language

  • KBOO


    We are Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, & the World!

  • Kevin Noonan

    Kevin Noonan

    Clips from my VHS collection. Classic commercials, weird PSAs and found footage for historic reference. Intended for media freaks,TV babies, advertising professionals, visual artists and enthusiasts of classic TV.

  • My Iran

    My Iran

    An Iranian variety show in the Persian language, including News, Poetry, Music, Commentary, and comedy

  • NW Documentary

    NW Documentary

    NW Documentary is an arts nonprofit that teaches and supports documentary filmmaking and nonfiction storytelling through workshops, youth programs, and a supportive community space. We believe stories create community and work hard to make tools and skills accessible to everyone.

  • Oregon Voters Digest

    Oregon Voters Digest

    Community platform on political issues, community, national and local.

  • Outside the Frame

    Outside the Frame

    Training homeless & marginalized youth to be the directors of their own films and lives.

  • P-Town Media

    P-Town Media

    We are the premier destination for Portland Black Excellence. Bringing the urban community together providing entertainment, awareness, and a safe place for our creativity. we are the BET of Portland, we are P-Town Media.

  • PDX Spotlight

    PDX Spotlight

    PDX Spotlight is a showcase for local and touring musicians. Our 30 minute episodes feature an in depth look at each artist along with a live performance.

  • Portland Place or Thing

    Portland Place or Thing

    Everyone knows Portland is a weird, odd, kooky entity, but it's so often highlighted by a single person or event. Portland, Place, or Thing is a show to clump all those weirdos and all that weirdness together in a conversational, musical, performancical, maniacal, and diabolical variety-talk show.

  • Prescription for Justice

    Prescription for Justice

    Prescription for Justice is a talk show originating in Portland, Oregon. Host Dr. Martin Donohoe is a physician-educator-activist and textbook author who addresses varied topics related to creating more just and healthy communities and a better world. Subjects include education, race, environment, human rights, food justice, criminal justice system, women’s rights, war and peace, etc.

  • Rose City Gumbo/ Inthemixx

    Rose City Gumbo/ Inthemixx

    A show to showcase the people of Portland, Oregon and their talents.

  • Rose City Gumbo/Von Bailey

    Rose City Gumbo/Von Bailey

    A show to showcase the people of Portland, Oregon and their talents.

  • Rose Franks Ministries

    Rose Franks Ministries

    To better the life of all ethnic races to enjoy life, love, peace, and confidence to know that 'Jesus Christ' is the way to grow in to trust him when they go through tough time. I bring to praise him through singing, praise dance, and speaking the word of GOD to inspire their lives to lift them up.

  • Second Coming Church Ministries

    Second Coming Church Ministries

    To better the life of all ethnic races to enjoy life, love, peace, and confidence to know that 'Jesus Christ' is the way to grow in to trust him when they go through tough time. I bring to praise him through singing, praise dance, and speaking the word of GOD to inspire their lives to lift them up.

  • Show Ridiculous

    Show Ridiculous

    Show Ridiculous is Portland’s cable access comedy variety show, featuring original sketches, standup comedy and performances by local bands. Hosted by a new guest host each month, Show Ridiculous features hilarious original sketches written and performed by some of Portland’s most talented and prolific comedians. Comedy! Music! Insanity!

  • Spoiler Room

    Spoiler Room

    Spoiler Room is an audio visual media collective that creates a site specific events that are shot and mixed in real time on analog video. Each episode revolves around a different guest DJ or artist, some sort of activity or event, accessing different spaces in and around Portland.

  • Straighttalktv


    Interviews w/ Youth, Adults, Grass R Civic,National leaders to Informing the Communities/Nation,and A OPEN MIC to share your Gift/Talent OPEN MIC share your gift/talents

  • Sustainable Today

    Sustainable Today

    The Center for a Sustainable Today's mission is to live with nature and with each other is the basis for sustainable human existence. And to develop a new understanding, through awareness and education, of our planet and of our own behavior. The goal is to encourage all people to live responsibly and sustainably.

  • TV Toastmasters

    TV Toastmasters

    Toastmasters members interview people in the community.

  • The Body Smith Workout

    The Body Smith Workout

    Get in shape with this national and regional award winning multilevel fitness program, celebrating over 30 years in production. Hosted by certified fitness specialist Larry Smith.

  • The Erickson Report

    The Erickson Report

    The Erickson Report is devoted to a single topic

  • The Inside Show

    The Inside Show

    A variety show produced at Columbia River Correctional Institution that challenges perceptions of incarcerated individuals and what happens ‘on the inside’.

  • The Moorish Voice

    The Moorish Voice

    We are the Moorish Science Temple of America located in (Portland Oregon). Our Mission is to uplift fallen humanity: Spreading the highest five universal principles known to man Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, & Justice. We are teaching Nationality, Divine Creed, & the 18 years of Jesus life that is missing from the Bible.

  • The Nature Here TV Show

    The Nature Here TV Show

    THE NATURE HERE TV SHOW brings us closer to treating the world the way it should be treated. Each month, we will feature a bird species from our area at NW. Why Birds? Birds make a difference in all of our lives -- as a measure of our environment's health, a sign of things to come.... What will you do for EARTH? Please Join Us! THE NATURE HERE TV SHOW

  • The true Constitutional Republican form of government

    The true Constitutional Republican form of government

    Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly has started this show to return Oregon to a Constitutional Republican form of government. Assemble per the constitution, create a civilian court of record and assemble a Grand Jury for the return of a Constitutional Republican form of government

  • Truth Seekers

    Truth Seekers

    The many evidences for God's existence.



    USMETAL TV channel is lucky enough to be hired by labels to document music. All the groups you see were filmed in Portland Oregon.

  • Victory Outreach Portland

    Victory Outreach Portland

    Pastor Max Garza -16022 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233

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