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We highlight work from local, independent mediamakers and community organizations. We believe in creating people-driven alternatives to mass media—and that media should be available anytime, from anywhere.


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Outside The Frame

"We believe that to thrive, young people need more than their basic needs met. We believe that homeless youth are our most underestimated citizens. We offer a model educational and vocational program, where young people create films about issues that matter to them and share them with the public."

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QBT Podcast


Just two queer babes talkin’ mental health, pop culture, and whatever the hell else we want



Urban Humanbeing

Freeform Portland DJ bi weekly radio show playing Jazz soul and Funk infused music


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"I really enjoy how media has expanded! There is so much more access to new talent, styles, and perspective. People should have the power to share their story and not wait for TV to tell it for them. I hope the stories I share reflect people taking the power in their own hands!"

- RaShaunda Brooks, Labs Production Coordinator

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