Curated Cable Block: Black History Month

ITN1: Thurs at 8pm & ITN2: Sun at 7pm

Open Signal looks back on Black history in Oregon and the nation during the curated blocks on cable and cable streams. Featured videos will include documentaries, presentations by the Oregon Historical Society and more.


Featured Videos: Black Futures

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate Black Futures. Check out work from creators who are shaping the landscape of media to come.

Featured Organization

Imagine Black

Imagine Black helps Portland’s Black community imagine the alternatives we deserve, builds our political participation, and supports leadership to achieve those alternatives. We envision a world where people of African descent enjoy the rights, resources, and recognition to be a thriving, resilient, and connected community.

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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

"As a producer/storyteller, I watch a LOT of content on a daily and weekly basis. I try to keep up on trends and styles that find their way into filmmaking, and storytelling that are intriguing to me for various reasons. The playlist links I collected are pieces of content that span a variety of concepts that are tied together by some pretty interesting themes, all of them representing some sort of alignment with my view of the world. From physics and nostalgia-fueled dramas, to comedy and politics. Enjoy."

- Ifanyi Bell, Executive Producer, Open Signal Labs

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